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The Mitchell United Way is a Non-Profit Corporation, chartered under South Dakota Law.

It has tax exempt status from the IRS.

Offices are located at 417 N Main Street, Suite 103 in Mitchell, South Dakota. 


The United way has been in operation in Mitchell for over 50 years. First as the Community Chest, later as the United Fund and for more than 20 years as the Mitchell United Way.

Due to a of lack of interest and financial support the United Way was dissolved in 1977.  It was reorganized in 1980 with the following agencies as members:

  • Abbott House

  • James Valley Association

  • American Red Cross

  • Mitchell Adjustment Training Center

  • Boy Scouts

  • Salvation Army

  • Camp Arroya

  • YMCA

  • Girl Scouts

  • YWCA



The 2022 member agencies are listed under Partner Agencies.

In 1981 the goal was set at $72,000.00 and only raised $58,000.00.  In 1982 the United Way achieved its Goal for the first time.  The goal at that time was $80,000.00.  Since then, the Goal has been achieved every year.  Because of the addition of new Agencies, their ever-increasing needs and a continued reduction in government aid it has been necessary to increase the Goal every year to its 2005/2006 Campaign Goal of $412,000.00.  Since 1981 the number of Agencies has increased from 10 to 24.

The United Way staff previously consisted of three (3) part time employees prior to 1996.  From 1981 through December 1991, Hoyt Granter was the only one in the office and he served as the Executive Director.  He was responsible for the operation of the United Way and the Annual Campaign.  Karen Rang was employed as Office Secretary in January of 1992.  She performed secretarial duties and assisted in the office. During her last two (2) years, Karen implemented the computer system. 

Robert Wermers was appointed Assistant Director effective January 1, 1995.
Karen Rang resigned in March 1995 and went to work with the Abbott House which is a member agency of the Mitchell United Way.  This left Hoyt Granter and Bob Wermers for the remainder of 1995.  Personnel from RSVP were used to help during the 1995 Campaign.

Hoyt Granter resigned as the Executive Director of the Mitchell United Way as of December 31, 1995.  It should be noted that Mr. Granter passed away November 8, 1996. Robert J. Wermers took over the position of Executive Director effective January 1, 1996. Robert Wermers retired from the Executive Director position is January of 2007. Dave Stevens was appointed as the Executive Director in January of 2007. Carm Roster served as Administrative Assistant for 13 years. Ann Scott is current Administrative Assistant for Mitchell United Way.

Mitchell United Way office hours vary.  Because of the nature of the operation, it is not necessary to maintain a regular schedule of hours during much of the year.  However, the Executive Director will check the mail and make bank deposits on a regular basis.  If someone has to contact the Director, they can leave a message on the answering machine or contact him at his residence or through the cell phone. Effective 2001 the office was not staffed for the period of November 1 through April 30. Office hours are intermittent, we are always available by email and by phone as messages are regularly checked. 

The Board of Directors currently consists of 24 members. Previously a total of 24 members were elected for three (3) year terms and one for a one (1) year term.  New By-Laws were created by the board and accepted September 17, 1996.  These new By-Laws set a maximum number of board members at 30 and a minimum of 15 with each member elected for a three (3) year term. Members are eligible for re-election up to a maximum of four (4) full terms.  If someone is elected to finish a term for a director who resigned that particular term does not apply to maximum.  In 2002 there was an amendment made to the By-Laws not allowing any member agency employees to become an active board member for the Mitchell United Way.

Board meetings are held to a minimum.  Unlike many organizations, the United Way is concerned with only one activity, the ANNUAL CAMPAIGN.  Therefore, it is not necessary for the Board to meet as frequently as other organizations.  Meetings are usually scheduled the second Wednesday of a month at noon May through October.  During June, additional meetings are required for reviewing Agency Applications prior to taking final action on their requests.

Officers are elected from the Board at the annual meeting which is set by the Board of Directors each year.

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